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Senior Accountant

Company: Glisson & Associates LLC
Location: Lakewood
Posted on: September 24, 2022

Job Description:

We want YOU!

We are looking for a Senior Accountant who will make everyone around them successful by motivating, embracing and leading in accordance with our Values, Vision, and Mission, and from a desire to serve others. The right candidate will also love interacting with clients, our team and our referring partners, as well as have a genuine desire to make a real difference in people's lives. We're looking for someone who wants to Make Meaning, not just money.

Broad responsibility to serve our clients, guard our values, vision and mission, champion our people, and pilot the results.
Empathetic, proactive, detail oriented, with a sense of urgency and the desire to work as part of a great team built around emotional intelligence, training, mentoring, and holding people to the highest standards, not by telling, yelling, and directing, but through collaborative leadership and working to bring the best out in everyone. People will follow you because they choose to, not because you have power over them.
You will help us continue to build our reputation of great service, listening to our clients, communicating superbly with team members, and leading with a "whatever it takes" enthusiasm for life.
A joy for interacting with clients and working with our team to grow our firm.

Who are we?

Glisson & Associates LLC is intent on leading the profession and paving the way for others. To that end, we are not a "one size fits all" assembly line, but rather a "boutique" firm that does everything necessary to get it right every time, so that each of our clients leaves our firm knowing they have been listened to, heard, and presented with the best solutions. The result we want isn't just prepared financial statements and taxes. We want to help people understand their business and taxes better.
With a commitment to giving the best possible service to each client, Glisson & Associates LLC -is -a firm that specializes in helping small business owners of the Denver Metro area.
As you can see, we're passionate about people, not just numbers. That passion for our client translates to:
Extraordinary Relationships
Empathy for our clients
Many of our clients are our friends

We are giving you all this information because you need to be interviewing us, not just us interviewing you.

Guarding the Values, and making sure that EVERYONE in our firm (no exceptions) embraces them and practices them daily, will be one of your main responsibilities:

Our Core Values:
We are committed to unequivocal excellence
We do WHATEVER it takes in every situation
We have fun
We are passionate about our work and our community
We have integrity in all we do

Our Vision (our Passion):

"Serving others. - Helping others achieve their financial goals."

We work that out in this measurable way:

"Our work family makes accounting and taxes easy for our clients "

Our Mission:

"Prepare taxes and accounting so clients can focus their time & efforts in other areas of their businesses."

We want you to know as much as possible, so you can make an informed decision about joining us. This is very intentional-we want someone who will be "missional" about their commitment to their work, and who will integrate that work into their life, not someone simply looking for a paycheck. If you're looking to just make money, this isn't the position for you. If you're looking to make meaning, read on.

Who are you?
You are a fit if:

You are looking for a position where you will make a significant impact for a very long time as an important and equal team member.
Results-Based Incentives-The traditional organization is built on a time-based rewards system-sit in the chair for another quarter or year, and you get a bonus. We want to build an organization around results-whoever gets the best results, gets the most reward. And incentives don't always mean money-there are seven ways to incentivize and engage people: Time, Experience, Education, Recognition, Relationships, Money and Stuff (think "TERMS" of engagement).
Enthusiasm and Curious - the successful senior accountant is eager to grow and curious about learning. This person asks questions and especially the question why? The world is moving fast and we need someone who is excited about staying current.
You don't enjoy making decisions for others on the team, or telling them what to do. They are adults and don't need a "manager." You love working as a collaborative team member, not a rugged individualist.
You love to serve others-to train, guide, champion, raise the bar, ask hard questions, mentor, connect people with resources, and generally use your strategic leadership to make them successful, not to make you look good.
Attention to Detail-If you enjoy ensuring that everyone is working at their highest, following procedures that THEY created (not you), and taking care of all the small details that make for a great firm, you'll be a great fit here.
Sense of Urgency-If you have a built-in clock that wants to help us all get things done and not leave them hanging out there, AND you can do it without bullying, threatening or harassing---well, that's an art, and you'll fit in really well. We need someone who can keep pushing everything ahead by getting everyone on board to do it, not by forcing their hand.
Abundance-You live in a world of abundance with the mindset, "How can I make you successful?" The alternative is a world of scarcity, with only so much to go around and everyone "out for themselves."
Stakeholder Mentality-You will have the mentality of a person who has put a stake in the ground and "claimed the territory" of our firm in the name of excellence, commitment, customer service, distributed decision-making and distributive leadership. A Stakeholder is someone who thinks and acts like they own the firm, and proactively works to build a great firm not for the owner, but with the owner. A Stakeholder is a self-managed adult who brings their whole, messy self to work, not just the part that does "the job". And they are committed to living in community with others and having regular input in how the firm could best meet the needs of clients. Employees are reactive children at work, waiting for someone to tell them what to do. Stakeholders are proactive adults working in collaboration with others to build a great practice. Everyone in our firm needs to move from a simple Employee mentality to becoming Stakeholders, and we will want you to lead the charge.
Self-Managed Adult-And, finally, you are a self-managed adult who will enjoy helping us all figure out how to help us all get perform at our best. We'll need you to make suggestions for how we can improve and asserting yourself as a strategic leader in our firm, who serves many tactical leaders. We're not where we want to be with the above and that's why we need you-to spearhead the effort. You won't be alone. You'll get tons of support and specific training from others who have gone down this path of leadership many times, in order to make it happen.

Does it look like a long list? It's not, really. We just want to explain clearly what the few things are that will make you successful:
1) be a great servant leader-lead by asking questions and motivating, not telling people what to do, 2) be good at building relationships,
3) live in a world of abundance,
4) have a "Stakeholder" mentality,
5) be self-managed, and
6) have a desire to help others become those things.

About the position:
Be a great team player. Live out the mission and vision.
Experience Level--- CPA or EA or someone working towards one of these certifications, minimum 2 years experience with QuickBooks Online. Tax preparation experience helpful but not required (must be willing to learn).
Record transactions in QBO and prepare month end closes
Prepare personal and business taxes.
Provide a business advisor role for clients.
Pay-Your compensation is 100% incentive base. Your compensation will be based on the results you get the company on a monthly basis. - This is similar to gig work or piece meal work. - We won't let pay stand in the way of getting the right person. - The objective of our pay strategy is you are in control of your income, and have the opportunity to make more than you would any where else doing the same thing, in the same amount of time or less. - You should not have to work longer here to make more money. - We agree together on how this will work. - This has to work for you and us. - This is a full time position that will pay from $60,000-$100,000.
Work schedule - 5 days per week. We don't have set work hours. - We will want you available to the client during standard business hours.

Please do not send us your resume/CV yet. We don't need to see it at this stage. Just email us answers to the following questions to . These questions will help us get to know you:

How is this position a fit for you, and what would you get out of working in the environment described here?
What is your reaction to our firm values, vision and mission?
How can we support you-what do you need from us to be successful?
What makes you want to get out of bed and come to work day after day?
Why don't you need a manager?
How do you make your team better?
List the top three things, in order of impact, that you would bring to the game
Any other helpful info that we forgot to ask?

This is a two-way interview. You need to interview us to see if you want to work here, which is why we've given you so much detail in this ad!

Here's a link to our website to learn more about us

We don't just want to be a great firm. We want to be a leader who helps transform the way accounting is done. If you want to play a significant role in that transformation, and you have the talents and skills of a leader, you'll be a great fit.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Keywords: Glisson & Associates LLC, Denver , Senior Accountant, Accounting, Auditing , Lakewood, Colorado

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